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My name is Dr. Yuvraj M. Pardeshi. I am a journalist, age 37. My passion within journalism is much more than just writing the articles, I take great interest in researching & Utilizing all the information from my research I try to write in 360 degree. In the journey of media field it was awesome experince of 14 years which is still going on. I started my carrier as journalist in Daily Kesri (Pune). After that i worked in Daily Deshdoot (Jalgaon) as a reporter for 6 years and chief reporter for 4 years. I worked as News Editor in Daily Saimat for One year. Now i am working for Daily Loksatta (The Indian Express Group) in jalgaon. I have written many articles in reputed magazienes like Business and Life Style (Mumbai).

I am also a Ph.D. research scholar of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (MS), India. Having completed my post graduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. My Ph.D. topic is Indian Corporate Communication and Lobbying. I am National Fellowship holder of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi.I believe, this study can bring about an intriguing discourse in Social Science.

 As you know that, In India resent years have been seen a new and dynamic terms in Corporate Communication and Public Relation (PR). After 2G Spectrum scam and 51 present FDI was allowed in multi-brand retail, especially in Wall-mart's entry in Indian market, new controversy began with corporate communication and lobbying. Although lobbying is one of the oldest professions and has always been part of political and legislative system of USA, UK and most of European countries. But it is totally new for India. India does not have any clear regulation for or against lobbying."No regulations, No ban and Not illegal" these are parameters of lobbying in India. So i want to do micro research in the same.


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